will queen anne profile picMy name is William Spiritdancer, I teach about the Spirit, Art and Purpose of life.  I teach mostly through films, which is my passion but also through my main site MyDreamPower.com and also this blog.

I started out in IT as a computer programmer, worked many jobs.  Then I had a really bad day at work where I came face to face with the fact that I was making tons of money and felt totally miserable.   I had lots of money but no meaning in my life.  That is when my Dream Journey began.

Honestly, I feel we are all born to usher in a new age of passion and purpose. I think this is why everyone is talking about this nowadays.  I call it the Dream Revolution.  The old days of doing things just for money are over. We are in a transitional stage right now but soon doing your passion and purpose will be the norm.  I do all of this though Dream Power. You can learn more about it at: http://mydreampower.com.

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