Oct 16

Dream Awakening

Awakening to the divine presence in our lives
What we are going to set out to accomplish here is to realize our connection to God and God’s plan for our lives. This plan is also our soul’s plan, for when we came to Earth we all had a grand dream for how we would express God’s love here and do our part in bringing Heaven to Earth.

We must understand that this dream can’t be discovered in a consciousness of fear, because love, not fear, is the key to understanding it. So the main point that must be made first is that God loves us. And, from that understanding we realize that we are taken care of in the fullest sense of the word. With these great truths, we can finally be at peace, knowing that no matter what our situation or circumstances, or how scary life may appear to be, it is all transcended by the fact that ultimately we live in God’s grace. This great love is the only ‘true reality’ we live in. Awakening to our ‘Dream Power’ starts with a trust and knowing that God is there for us in every aspect of life. Otherwise, we will be fearful, making it difficult for us to find the meaning and purpose we seek.

It must be stated again that God has a glorious and perfect dream for everyone’s life. This truth must be relayed because many people feel that they are not important, that their lives are meaningless and serve no real purpose. It is our belief that just sharing this fact alone will touch something deep inside many people, allowing them to begin the process of waking up to who they really are. And they are non other than the children of God. Now, some people believe that people are inherently evil and not good enough for God. The truth of the matter is that we are all journeying up the road of perfection on our way home again. But that does not mean that we are to feel bad about ourselves and focus on our lack of perfection. Fear and guilt will not get us to Heaven; nor will it help make this world a better place. Instead the path is to make more perfect that which is not perfect, to always seek a greater perfection in ourselves. And we do this though expressing love for our fellow man, as well as the planet.

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