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This is ultimately a battle between God and your Ego.

Your ego mind to be exact.  Here is something else you might not have realized. The you that thinks it’s you, is not really You! In all likelihood unless you are one of the few enlighten beings on the planet, the you, you think you are is really a fake role that you play called your ego.  There is a much deeper truer you called “your true self.” Becoming aware of this “true self” and though it, tapping into God’s power is the key to living your life purpose.  The main impediment to this is your ego.  It is determined to keep you in a permanent state of distraction, separation and fear so that you will never ever get in touch with who you really are and thus keep you and the rest of humanity in a permanent state of darkness.  Therefore, there is one thing that must be done for you to succeed.  Your ego must die.  This is the battle.  It is a battle for your freedom and it is a battle that will be won!  This is why you are a Dream Warrior!  We literally are all depending on it.  If you do not realizes this dual aspect of yourself than you will never understand a thing I am talking about.  It will all seem crazy and insane. Understand that the part of you that is thinking this is crazy is your ego persona.  Not who you really are.

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    • coach michael on January 28, 2010 at 9:04 pm
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    well congratulations on such clear thinking and expressing your thoughts. From what I read, it is Satin that has a strong affect on your ego and is intent on stealing your dream and keep you from fulfilling your life purpose. I am not sure that your ego will ever die – perhaps the key is for each of us to Die to our Ego each day – to let go so to speak of the power it has over our daily lives. We could replace that ego chatter with “your true self” if we stay in the flow.

  1. This is ultimately a battle between God and your Ego.

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