Dec 02

We must totally surrender our purpose to God.

We must totally surrender our lives, our purpose and its implementation to God.

Here is the good news or the bad news depending on your perspective.  Really it’s more than that.  It’s not going to be enough to just acknowledge God in the process, we must totally surrender to God. In this way we become the process that God uses.  You must understand that you will not be in charge of this process.  God will be in charge and you will surrender to him, it or she.  This is the way it has to be.  The part of you that might be having a hard time with this is your ego, the part of you that is under the delusion that it is separate from God.

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  1. William Spiritdancer

    We must totally surrender our lives, our purpose and it’s implementation to God. http://goo.gl/fb/uA5L

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