Aug 04

Find the place where everything feels ok

Today while I was alone and cleaning up the house. It came to me that I was at peace in that moment. And then I realized that we are always at peace but choose to leave that place. Basically we have to find the place inside where everything FEELS ok. It may not be ok materially or financially or what ever but if we can find that place where it feels ok that is the place of peace, that is where God is. The trick is and I’m working on it, is not to leave that place. Of course then the world will assail us saying “ you must leave peace because…” and it will give is its myriad reasons why we must leave peace. But it’s a trick and a lie. I know because I’ve left peace many times, gone deep into hell. Only to discover there’s no there there. And the world will tempt you with this lie. “ Follow me, leave peace for now, it’s only temporary. Do what I tell you and I promise I will give you peace when you do what I want you to do. When you do what you have to do.” It’s a lie that can go on and on and on. The temptations, the temporary replacements for peace look very good; money, fame, things, jobs, business, struggle. The people, places and things we feel we must have or do first before we can have peace. It’s a lie because the reality is that PEACE IS NOW. Peace is here. This is a reality and a truth I feel and know right now. The thing is how long can I stay here? And, if I stay here, can things based on peace come from here? Could I have a life based on peace and not fear? “The world says “NO you will die if you stay in peace!” But what if my garden was made of peace and everything that grew out of it was made of peace. And what if that’s how I lived, a life made from peace. THAT would be cool and THAT, I’ve decided, is what I want.

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