Feb 12

What does it mean to be inspired?

It means to trust your instincts and to move into that space that is
interesting, fun and alive! Do what you feel inspired to do in any
moment. Don’t feel like doing it, don’t. Feel like doing it, do! But there
is a difference between doing something you feel inspired to do and
doing something out of fear. Fear is the enemy. It is easy for fear to
disguise itself as inspiration when our ego tells us that the only way to
get something is to do something else. Then we feel like we must take
a certain action because we think it is the ONLY way. But we cannot
see the divine plan. The only thing you can do is to try not to do it all
by yourself, don’t try to FIGURE it out. Let God’s creative spirit move
you in the right direction. Think of life like a maze with many choices
and dead ends, you can sit there and spend days analyzing the next
best move, you can even study maze dynamics in college, but that does
not mean you will finish the maze in the most efficient manner. God on
the other hand, made the maze, knows its every detail and can see it
from every angle; he can see the whole maze and its most efficient
solution. So the thing to do is to ask God to show you the most efficient
way out of the maze. And the way he does this is through inspiration.
Inspiration is God’s creative energy moving though you, God using you,
God playing you as the most beautiful musical instrument that you are.
The goal is to let go and let God make beautiful music through you and
the best way for that to happen is for you not to block his energy.
When you feel fearful, that is an energy block, when you feel inspired
then it flows.”

From the book “The Dream Warrior’s Handbook

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