Jul 31

Homeless artist paints his way around Seattle

http://www.ryanhenryward.com/slices/brown/mooseincanoe_r1_c4.jpgI want to introduce you to an artist in Seattle called Henry Ward.  What makes him unique and an inspiration to us all and a true Dream Warrior is his commitment to his work, his art and the expression of it to help others.  He was so committed in fact or moved or called, that he was willing to live in his car and work for free.  He has painted over 60 murals around Seattle and is just now starting to become recognized in the city as a major influence.  But I love the fact that he just gives, he does not seem consumed by what he is getting out of the deal.  He seems so moved to paint no matter what.  The thing about him is he listens, he listens to that voice within that says paint that wall!  If we could all, including myself, listen, hear and act on that voice, what would our lives become?  How many people would we touch? Who knows.  Henry,  is a master teacher in listening.  I know he thinks he is an artist but his example shows us what it means to listen.  Usually our over-thinking ego/heads talk us out of whatever inspiration just hit.   Anyway, he has inspired me to listen more and I hope by doing so I can enter a world as magical as his.    See the videos below for more about his paintings and murals in Seattle.

His website is: http://ryanhenryward.com

Henry Murals from Adam Bale on Vimeo.

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