Nov 02

The Power of Peace

Find Peace First
The other day when I was freaking out about my latest crisis, I realized that fixing this external thing that I was worried about was not going to solve the real problem. The real problem is fear and the only true solution is to find peace. In our society we are taught that if we fix the external thing, the car, the house, our spouse, the problem, that then, we will find peace. What I realized was that in actuality it’s the other way around. First comes peace, and from peace comes the solution to the problem. By peace I mean God’s grace, those moments when you feel totally at ease and relaxed. This grace or peace is the source of EVERYTHING. It is the wellspring of our life, ideas, solutions – everything. So the solution, the first step, to any apparent problem is to first find peace. This seems counterintuitive, I know, but the fact is it is the only real solution. What’s the alternative? To keep chasing that carrot of obtaining something ‘out there’ thinking it will solve our latest stressful problem. To keep chasing the next thing and the next thing and the next thing ‘outside’ that we think will bring us peace only to be disappointed when the next problem arrives. In daily living we can find peace now by noticing when we are, and when we are not, in a state of peace. If we are not in peace then we can take action to get into peace. So, whenever you hear yourself say: “When I get such and such or do such and such then I can relax.” Realize that it is just an illusion; you can relax and be at peace now. Unfortunately, we have been trained that the many things that happen to us during the day warrant or justify a stressful or non-peaceful state-of-being or reaction. This is incorrect. Next time instead of feeling justified in our anger or fear or anxiety we can realize that the solution is simple… find peace first.

More about Peace.
Peace is very important. It may not seem like a big deal but it is very important. Like right there you might have lost your peace but you should really try to stay connected to peace as much as possible. Peace is God. That state of mind of consciousness is God’ s presence in your life. Peace is God’ s grace. So when you are not feeling peace do whatever it takes to find peace and do THAT first. Don’ t let your ego tell you that you have to do such and such and THEN you can relax. First comes the state of Peace and then come the miracles. Find God first and then all things will follow. Don’ t make God last. This is the mistake you may be making now. You see things of the world that press you, that scream out like they must happened first and tell you that only then can you relax. But this is not true. It is a trick and an illusion that will keep you forever out of touch with God. First find God and then go to the world and apply spiritual tools to the problem. Give up all your elaborate plans. With God you need no plans just trust and faith. God will handle the details. Do not worry. Trust and let go. Yes, do what you FEEL you want to do, not what you THINK you should do. Still your mind and then let PEACE guide you towards the right actions. But also avoid distraction. It is more important than ever that you stay in touch and get deeper into God. You do not need to MAKE it happen. That is just your ego using fear in a last ditch attempt to stay in control by co-opting your purpose. Relax. That is the best way. It seems counter intuitive in such a rush rush, busy busy society but by finding peace you can tap into the divine plan for your life. Do what you feel moved to do. That will be
the right way. You must let go of outcome. Trust in the process. Even if all you feel like doing is sleeping or going for walks and you feel that you are not getting work done or making progress, that’ s ok. THAT is the process you need to trust in. You are coming along. Do not worry so much. Soon you will really understand this process and it will not seem so mysterious to you.

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