Nov 26

The 4 levels of Consciousness

In our most superior spiritual state, our mind exists in a free form of consciousness that most resembles how we think when we reside in the Spirit World.   I call this state of being, “Super Divine Mind Consciousness.” This state helps us hold the actual Christ mind and see life as Christ would see it.  In other words, this is a mind that exists in the highest place of Love, which always seeks to create miracles for The Higher Self and also for others at the same exact time.  Super Divine Mind is not interested in personal benefit or ambitious indulgences of any kind.  It doesn’t feel it has to be.  The reason for this is because this individual deeply knows there is no greater act than the one that seeks to bestow the energy of great generosity, grace, kindness and Love in the world, as sustaining this way of being always creates an energy of abundance for all in the end.  A person who works from Super Divine Mind Consciousness is always Spirit-led, and because of this, they are able to seek and follow a more pure and Divinely inspired path, which perpetually leads to right action when problem solving.  Individuals who are able to sustain this form of consciousness in life are the miracle workers of the world and in the process of them being alive, many, many lives are healed, transformed, restored and greatly blessed because of them.  Wherever they walk, they fill the atmosphere with the energy of hope.  Once recognized, it is easy to see why Super Divine Mind is such a hugely beneficial stream of consciousness, because it lures toward us others who are of a similar vibration and frequency and together we are able to do great things.  Those inspired by Super Divine Mind do tremendous good in both the Earth Realm and (whether they are aware of it or not) for the Higher Astral and as this occurs The Light and Love of God Almighty follows these individuals wherever they go.  If your own personal vibration is high enough, you will actually feel a sensation of holiness or tremendous goodness coming from the person who is able to walk in this station.  You will want to listen to them and follow their advice.  While they are still very human, we tend to think of these people as ‘Angels’ in life.  Possible real life examples of such Souls could be Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi.  If you are a person who has managed to find Super Divine Mind Consciousness in your lifetime, you are truly blessed!  You will be granted with a tremendous wealth of wisdom, self-confidence and faith in both God and people.  You will have doors of opportunity open for you that would seem impossible or beyond the reach of others.  The perception you will have of your own life and journey here will not be judged using a worldly perception, but of one that is Divine … and you will find yourself attaining a level of Self-mastery and Vision that yields a kind of happiness that is not of this world.

The state of consciousness that falls directly below Super Divine Mind is what I refer to as, “Higher Consciousness.” This is a powerful mindset where a Soul has become comfortable with seeing themselves as a unique individual who no longer has a need to “follow the crowd” or a consensus viewpoint in any way, shape or form unless the idea being presented is truly appealing to them.  A person who sustains Higher Consciousness seeks to enlighten themselves constantly, seeking to surround themselves with those things or people who might help them find their better Self.  These are people who do not mind spending large amounts of time alone, vested in some sort of self-development project or simply sitting quietly, as they consider their own thoughts.  These people usually become great artists, and many go on to become the architects to the life we seeing going on around us.  These people bring to us our music, movies, buildings, science, gardens, great food, clothing, human ambassadorship, amazing inventions and great works of art.  Great minds who might be examples of those wlo have sustained Higher Consciousness, could be Martin Luther King, Mozart or Albert Einstein.  Yet, one does not need to be famous, or a great leader or a brilliant mind to hold this state consciousness.  All one needs to do is see themselves as a perfect demonstration of God who yearns to discover all that is best about themselves and what might make them even better.

** The one pitfall of those who reach the level of Higher Consciousness (especially in the beginning stages) is the potential of becoming arrogant (feeling superior to others) or becoming stubborn and even when this happens, it is not too long before this individual falls right out of Higher Consciousness and soon finds themselves making a journey to the same lower levels of Self-awareness that they may have already visited or explored before.  If one is not walking in Super Divine Mind Consciousness, he or she is traveling in the lower three modes of humanness, which are each stairsteps, helping us to reach to higher ways of thinking that are more Divine and less animal in nature.

Below Higher Consciousness is the group mindset, “Common Consciousness.” It is from this state of mind that we get and maintain all of our known traditions and social ways of thinking about ourselves and one another.  It is from here that we derive the viewpoints our world calls: religion, education, social order (right and wrong) and fashion.  All of these are strongly enforced by so-called authorities, who dictate order; and “the ideas” are only changed until such time as “the group” becomes comfortable with the authorities’ shift in perspective.   This is not to say that some traditional ways of doing things are not the best ways, however; it is with a Common Conscious mind that we rarely think of new or even better ways of making life more rich for all.  A Soul who is steeped with Common Consciousness finds is difficult to see themselves as an individual, therefore they are constantly adopting the trends and ideas of others and making them their own.  If it is unpopular to wear red, then you will see to it that the color red is never seen in your personal fashion.  It is Common Consciousness that dictates that those who are ample with weight are worthless, so you are to see yourself as such and hate yourself for being fat.  If it is unpopular to be low on funds, you will learn to resent yourself in this state as well.  And where does all this resentment lead?  It points us toward a constant search for answers, and in common conscious society, those answers are to be found in the latest book or TV show that is being promoted.  Funny how that works, huh?  It is because of this that media conditions the Common Conscious person to feel as if they are dying if they are not connected to the TV, radio or latest trend.  If you are wondering whether or not you might be a person who is stuck in Common Consciousness, one sure sign to know for sure is you will feel pained when made to think outside of the box that has been already provided for you by those in media or from those in your environment.  Or, perhaps you live in fear of being abandoned by “the group” and left on your own.  If this is you, break away from Common Consciousness by giving yourself permission to see what is good about you AS AN INDIVIDUAL right now, apart from everyone else or any material excess you might use to add ‘fluff’ to your own Self-image.  And please know that it is not that a person cannot have a great body or use awesome items or accessories to help them enjoy their lives, my question to you is based on whether or not you can still see yourself as worthy without these things?  Can you stand totally naked as you are in a mirror for ten minutes and still Love your Self when you walk away?  If not, then you may be a person who is still too motivated by a Common Conscious mindset and not even know it!   An example of a person stuck in common consciousness might be a teenager who is trying to figure out who they are, by following or imitating others who do destructive things to personal property, themselves or even other people.  However, it is remarkable how often many people in society never learn to grow past this adolescent right of passage and into more mature ways of being even when technically they are far into their ‘adult’ years…

In our lowest state, our mind exists in “Animal Consciousness.” This is a level where we exist in our most raw and seemingly Spiritless state.  When we operate ourselves from Animal Consciousness we become strictly governed by our reactions to our environment, the emotions they make us feel and also the chemical impulses they create.  When we are upset and not aware of our own Spirit, we easily fall into states that encourage greed, sloth, sexual lust, rage, dishonesty, unbridled ambition and ingratitude all these exhibit the inferior traits of our animal nature.  A person (in an out-of-power animal state) is the one we see as the savage, the criminal or the addict, as their largest preoccupation seems to be based around Self-indulgence.  This is usually a person who is not only becoming lost to society, but lost to themselves.  The more they seek to gratify their own fleshly appetites, the further they slip into an endless need to experience all things in a sensual way.  Their intuitional Soul becomes trained and twisted to only focus on the thing ego tells them to chase and they become so caught up with deriving “that thing” (ego has convinced them will grant instant gratification and comfort) that they fail to see that this might be the very thing that also leads to their destruction!  Bottom line:  Animal Consciousness is the seat of all forms of addiction and unbridled ambition.   If you want a happy life, stay away from those things that promote addiction and make you sick inside for having done them.  This feeling is your own inner Spirit crying out to you saying, “Please don’t do this…  This is not your highest path!”   If you feel stuck in an addiction and can’t seem to break free,  then confess with your own mouth (to your Heart) that you have gone past the point you know you should.  And then … go for help!   Go first to God.  Tell God everything.  Empty out the trash can in your Soul and let your Almighty Parent clean it out for you.  Ask for guidance as far as what you should do and if you hear silence … then ask yourself even deeper questions.  Ask yourself  why you feel you cannot be happy without your addiction.  Sit down, give yourself time and write down what comes to you.  And if your inner guidance tells you that you need the capable assistance of another … then go get the help you need from someone who is actually able to provide it.  There is no shame in needing or asking help, as all of us at one time or another have been in addiction before.  This is all a part of life.  We are all here after all, not just for ourselves …. but for each other.

The truth is, until we make peace with and balance out the animal side of our consciousness and nature, we will never be able to ascend and remain in the higher levels of consciousness.

By Christian Andreason

About Christian: It was on June 2nd of 1995, that Christian Andréason  had a near-death experience. Because of an unanticipated drug interaction and overdose, Christian’s blood pressure was caused to plummet while undergoing routine dental surgery. Once out of his body, Christian took an extensive tour of what he calls, “The Divine Realm” and he saw himself go before a great light he deeply believes to have been God. The experience not only changed the entire course of Christian’s life, but also the direction of his music career. He immediately became more focused on all things spiritual; serving friends, loved ones and even those some might consider strangers in anyway possible.

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