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Jul 28

Jordan Peterson: Aim high and live in the present

Dec 06

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Dec 04

Kill Your To-Do List

Most people reading this will have a to-do program, or a paper list or text file, listing not only projects and tasks but separate lists for home and work and possibly half a dozen different contexts.

Those who don’t have a to-do list probably feel they should, because they’re swamped and feeling overwhelmed.

I’m here to suggest: kill your to-do list.

Nov 28

Money is not the key to happiness!

This myth of money equaling happiness is so strong and so pervasive in our culture that we never ever question its validity.

Nov 27

My new blog!

Hey, hello, welcome to my new blog. I have been planning to do this for awhile now and it is finally done. This will be the place where I put all of the Dream Power writings I have collected over the last ten years. I used to have them at but the old style web format was too cumbersome. Now with a word press blog we can organize the writings much better. So stay tuned!