Sep 30

The Power of Joy

By William Spiritdancer

sun flower smallJoy is a true power. Joy is God’s power. It is his energy and his energy is love, for God is love. With this power, you have the ability to create anything good, including the life you really want. Joy is not just a happy feeling or a good feeling; this is the myth that you have been taught. No, joy is a power, that when expressed, does much good in the world. By letting this power or energy of joy be expressed, you help yourself. This is why it is so important to find the joyful things in life, and to stay in a joyful state, because in reality, joy is love energy being expressed. Joy contains intelligent creative energy, and like water flowing downhill, it will find it’s true purpose and destiny. You do not have to direct it. It will direct itself. In so doing, it will bring you like a river to where you need to be. It is like riding a lighting bolt. It can help you solve all of you problems. Love also is not just some kind of feeling or feel good thing. It is God’s pure energy. When we learn to love, we are remembering that we are like God, and in the process, becoming closer to God. This is very important; because this is why we are here: to become like God by remembering how to love. One way to love is to create something beautiful out of love and to share it with the world. When you create in this way, you’re expressing love. And when you express this type of love, you feel an incredibly joyous happy feeling. But this is not just when you create something, it is felt whenever you express love. You just may not be aware of it. We tend not to be aware of what we are feeling when we create, but a good deed done out of love can also give you this feeling. There is an infinite supply of this “love” energy as God is infinite. This energy has intelligence and is the way you co-create with God, because as you express this energy God is with you. With this energy, there is no fear. It is important to find joy in your life. However, many people tend to write off joy as just a “good feeling” that has no real power. They think, ‘Yeah, that’s nice…but now I have to get serious about life.” This is totally incorrect because love and joy are where our true power and creativity lie. Want to accomplish something? Want to get something done? Want to have a real effect on others? Find your joy and express it. Just open the door of your heart and let it out. Don’t judge what the joy expression is. Just find it, and feel it, and it will express itself though you. It will then affect all those around you. This is the power of joy, and it will guide you to exactly where you need to be.

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