Nov 26

Get stuff done by listening to your feelings

To get things done following your heart is different than following your head.  Currently we are taught that to get things done we must make mental to-do lists and schedules.  This is a mistake.  Yes, things can get done using that method but there are more effective methods.  It is better to follow the heart than the head.  But how to “get things done.”  The heart works on feelings so instead of mentally following a “to-do” list of shoulds, it follows a “feel like” feeling.  It is this feeling of “wanting to” or “feeling like” that will guide you towards what you “really want to” do in any given moment.  Of course you may not know the outcome but you will feel good and in a miraculous and synchronistic way you will be guided to the right people and events for the situation.  Things will “get done” in a very smooth manner.  Most people do not listen to their feeling, they do not trust them.  The thinking mind can give such convincing arguments, but these arguments are usually based on the past.  The problem is, that the past is not a perfect indicator of the future.  So next time, if you can, try to listen to your feelings, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  It’s a much more enjoyable, peaceful and relaxed way to ‘get things done.”

When you listen to your feelings, it is your Spirit telling you what to do in that moment.  Your Spirit is infinitely wiser than the logical thinking mind because it is tied into the very fabric of the Universe and you are assisted by divine beings who have your best interest at heart.  So the best way, the wiser way, is to always listen to your heart, which speaks to you via feelings.  So when you are relaxed ask a question of the Universe.  Soon you will receive ideas about what to do.  If you get lots of ideas and are confused about which idea to follow always go with the one that “feels” right over the ones that makes logical sense.

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