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How to do your dream the spiritual way

How to do a project the spiritual wayAt some point you are ready. Ready to do your work. But the task can seem so daunting that it can seem totally impossible. We’ve reached this point on our path where we know what to do but how to do it? No matter what your project is I would like to introduce you to a new way of bringing it into form. It is at this stage that we will be tempted to run back to the old fearful ways of the old world. But, don’t forget it was because we realized that those fearful pushy ways didn’t serve us that we started on this path in the first place. That is why it is vitally important that at this stage of living our purpose we don’t run back to the old ways of the past. For many of us we will then be left in a quandary ” how to get our work done.” All we’ve been taught is fear based pushy coercive techniques to get anything done. But there is a better way. It’s a process of allowing instead of forcing.

In our society right now most things are done in a fearful pushing manner. A manner that is out of sync with the universe. A manner, where you feel you have to make something happen. What we are going to discuss is a new way of getting things done by allowing them to happen. In this process you will use trust and faith, prayer and intention to set things in motion. Or rather, to get in tuned with what is already in motion. The goal here is to align yourself with that which is already happening and to be a catalyst for it’s unfoldment on Earth. This is totally different from the old way of trying to will something into existence. Whatever your project or work is, realize that ultimately it’s God’s project. Please remember that no matter what the form, be it a book, a business, a film or an invention. Don’t start to think that it is your project alone. Because when you start to think that way you feel alone and then you feel that it is up to you to make it happen . Then you get stressed out and fearful and start to use pushy coercive business tactics to force it into existence. Pretty much 99.99% of the business done today in our world is accomplished in this manner. It is a highly inefficient way to get things done. Which is ironic, because to most of us this new method will appear at first to be the inefficient one. Why, because most of the time you will appear to be doing nothing of consequence. But that is only because we normally think being busy and running around is doing “work” when in reality most of that activity is just wasted energy. This is especially true when the business or project is going against the flow of the universe, which unfortunately happens to be most of the time. In the future, which is upon us, we will complete projects using this new method. The heart of this method is trust.

synchronicityWhen you do a project in a spiritual way, you realize you are not alone and your main goal is to get in alignment with that which exists already. You want to get in tuned with what is already happening. When you do this you because an instrument and things come into your awareness and start to happen synchronistically. You don’t follow mental “to do” lists; instead you will be intuitively guided moment to moment. Sometimes these inspirations will not make any logical sense at all. But it all starts with the question, “God what would you have me do today.” Of course you will have needs, wishes and desires but you will give those over to God. Then you will seek to get in alignment with Gods solutions to what appears to be your problems. This is the proper way. All the solutions already exist. It is only man today who believes himself to be separate from God that thinks he must make things happen using his own will power. But the power of Love is so much more powerful. And, that’s what we are really talking about. For this new way to work you will only seek to do things that are in alignment with the higher order. So that means things that are in alignment with the higher good. There will be no more destructive creations.

Anyway back to your project. The first thing you must do is, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. I.e. watch the process unfold. You will have thoughts such as:

“But God cannot handle such a big project. I’m going to have to jump in there and make it happen!”

But if you think about that for just a second you will realize how silly that thought is. I mean we’re talking about God here. And if it’s the same God that created us that that means he handles much bigger projects than yours every millisecond. In every moment whole universes are created and destroyed. So don’t you think he can handle this? Ahh but now you say:

“Well yes but not my project. I’m not worthy of god’s help.”

But you are. And he is helping you. God’s help is available to everyone. It’s not that he doesn’t want to help people or that people are not worthy, it’s that we choose, consciously or sub consciously to reject him and his help. We are like children who want to pretend we don’t have any parents. But God being the loving parent that he is will let the children believe in this delusion as much as they want to. Constantly protecting them from themselves, but in the process letting them learn the lessons of separation. Eventually they wake up and want to come back home.

Dump all your old ideas of how things get done in this world. It will not happen from your will power, your fear or your separate actions and ideas. Take all your concerns to God as you have been. Then trust that it is happening in the background. Be open to the signs when you are nudged to take action or when someone is brought to you. You are already very good at this so there really is no problem . For you it’s just a matter of really believing that it can happen this way. But all that is required is your effort to believe and this you are doing. Soon your project will be done and you will be able to teach this new method to others. Yes the old world is being destroyed but a new world is being created and you are a part of it so do not fear. All you need do is set back, relax and enjoy the show.

You have many compasses to help guide you along the way, they are:

Does it feel right?
Are you at peace?
Is it effortless?
Does it flow?
Is it joyful?

When you’re about to take an action use these compasses to guide you. This is how you will know if you are in the flow or not.

“But what about money?”

Trust, you already have everything you need right now in this moment to take the next step. All will be provided for in the right time and place for your project to come into being. Know that. Accept what is happening. Stay out of fear. If you could see all the blessing coming to you, you would be so overjoyed but instead you look at your drab world and let that tell you what to believe. Don’t listen to it. Stay focused on the spiritual. Stay out of worldly dramas. Know that you do have the money. Just have fun with it, trusting that the means will be provided for you. You must trust in this process. Do not worry about how you’re going to make it happen. You are not going to make anything happen. Instead you will discover what is already happening and go along with that.

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