Nov 25

Subsidize your dream with blogging

Hey it’s me again, my latest theme now a days is how to make money so we can do what we love.  No sooner had I started thinking about this, the idea of making money with blogs came to my attention.    I am learning so much so fast about this and I want to share what I am learning with everyone in the Dream Club so I’m gonna be posting lots of stuff.

Ok, first the reason I like blogs is because it’s a way to make money sharing your interest.  So if your love is painting or gardening you could do a blog about that.  Heck if it’s a seaside getaway, you could do a blog about that and make money too.  Why does this matter for us dreamers?  Well, if you are pursuing or doing what you love to do then you know all about the money wall.  That is the reality of trying to make a living but trying to do your calling at the same time.  It’s tough.  There are many strategies to deal with this but usually most of them require giving up your time to work a job or do a business. Many require you to do something you hate to pay the bills.  But what we need are enabling money makers that empower us to live our dreams fully and I think blogging fits the bill perfectly.  Why because an enabling money maker does three things:

1.  It is flexible , allowing you to work when and where you want.
2.  It pays.  For the work put in, you get paid a lot.  (No working at McDonalds.)
3.  It’s not stressful.  It’s something you do and when you’re done you’re still sane enough to do the work you really want to do.

Again, blogging fits this perfectly.

1.  You can blog from anywhere. All you need is access to a computer and the internet.
2.  You can do it anytime.  So you do it when you feel inspired even if that’s at 3am like it is for me many times.
3.  It’s not stressful, in fact it can be downright enjoyable to write about what you really care about and love to do.
4.  It can pay.  From what I am learning there are ways to make a decent living blogging.  $500 to $3000 plus a month, just blogging a couple hours a day.

Sound’s prefect to me.  So I am making the plunge into blogging.  I will share what I am learning with you, starting with this:

The ABC’s of starting a blog:

Personally I like this site from a professional guy named Yaro. Yaro is a professional blogger from Australia (why are all the best bloggers from Australia?) and he earns over $100,000 a year from his blog and blog related businesses. He and a friend created the site “” to show us newbies the ABC’s of getting started. Check it out, it’s video based and they also offer a free ebook called “A Roadmap to becoming a blogger”. I recommend both of these tools to help you get started in what can seem like a very complicated and mysterious profession.

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