Oct 13

The Best Money Making Blog Tools 1: SBI

So, I have been studying the tools out there that can catapult my blog to the top and allow me to make money quickly or relatively quickly.  Actually, it’s not quickly I am interested in as much as knowing that if I put the work in, even if it’s a year, that that work will produce something.   One of the products out there that I really like is Site Build It or SBI for short.  The reason I like SBI is that it sounds like a simple and relatively easy way to get started.  The kind of tool that anyone can use. Even people who have no web or blogging skills.  it sounds like all you really need is determination and a passion.  Basically the SBI software does all the technical work for you so you don’t have to worry about being a web developer.  You can just focus on your content and that’s it.  Watch the testimonials, what is so striking about them is how down to earth they are from everyday people. Some people have even went so far as to make home movies.  I have not seen a product that garners that kind of praise!  Anyway I am so excited about SBI that I am telling everyone I know especially my starving artist friends.  I have also decided to sell it as an affiliate and I plan to buy it as soon as I can afford to and use it myself to relaunch the MyDreamPower.com site.  Below is a link to some of the videos I’m talking about.

// Money Making Videos

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